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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I realized the other night I have not posted to this blog in ages. Then when I came to look at it to update it, my Etsy gadget keeps things up to!

What's new with Bre-Aly Threads? I do have yarn now...mostly fingering weight, but I have dyed some Worsted and DK. It seems like the popular weight is fingering/sock, so I am focusing on that mostly.

I am recently listed a few things on eBay again, but more just to reach other markets that are out there and let them know about my Etsy shop in a "soft" way (I guess). I am not changing my thread/yarn labels or anything, so any contact info sends them to Etsy. I have a couple of auctions every now and then to generate interest. I haven't sold since 2009 on there, so it has been a while. My user name is now thread-dyer (I think it used to be snappishone or some variation of that), the link will take you to my profile and what I am selling. Most of the same stuff is offered, plus more, in my Etsy shop. I have listed yarn on there and it has done quite well so far. I haven't had too many actual yarn sales on Etsy yet, so this gets it out there and also let's folks know I also dye thread. I don't mention Etsy on there, but there is a pointer to my blog, which is how I figured out I hadn't updated here in a while.

I have not done a bunch of thread dyeing this year, but I am prepping for my Christmas break dye-athon in December. I have become comfortable dyeing with acid dyes so that has finally been checked off my list and I can get down to business. I am planning on dyeing a bunch of thread and yarn to be able to list throughout the year to keep inventory fresh and do some smaller dye batches in between to add to it. When I have the time, it is great to do a lot of dyeing. Weekends are somewhat restrictive and full of other things to do. When I have a week off from work I can dye my fool head off and usually not much else is going on.

So...that is what is up here. I will try to post updates when I have them or at the very least post more than once every 4 years. I imagine there will be quite a bit of posting going on in December.

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